Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) includes electronic systems aimed at deterring in-store thefts.


EAS RF 8,2Mhz (Radio frequency)

EAS AM 58Khz (Acousto-magnetic)

EAS EM 70Hz-1Khz (Electromagnetic)

Functionality is mostly similar for all three technologies.

On one side, labels or alarms are applied with adhesives or otherwise placed on the items that need control and protection.

On the other side, two antennas are installed—one transmitter and one receiver (single antenna solutions are also available).

When the item approaches the antennas, the transmitter sends out a frequency, which is answered by the label and ultimately detected by the receiver. This process immediately triggers the alarm signal, be it acoustic or visual.

The growing standard of using woven labels nested between the composition labels is based on a number of factors:

Need for smaller investments in theft prevention.

Cheaper solution compared to constant re-applying of tags in store—the labels are applied directly by the manufacturers and removed by the end users in their own home.

Considerably less aggressive than hardtags, since they do not damage the item during transport and manipulation.

Reduced need for manipulation by employees, who are no longer required to remove, store and re-apply the labels and can therefore concentrate on other tasks, such as store surveillance, register operations and customer service.

Improved customer experience—unobtrusive, lightweight tags make trying the item on easier.