IRIS is a Web-based system for order management, tracking and verification, allowing clients to check production status in real time.

We receive orders from our clients through different means: via FTP (file transfer protocol server), a specifically implemented Web application or a simple e-mail to our sales department.

When orders are computed in the system, a validation process takes place to ensure that they were correctly received.

Order processing in our system:

Automatic input of sales order in our ERP software.

Population of order sheet and pro forma invoice.

Order information sent to client.

Population of information sheet for data validation.

Data preparation for production.

Notice sent to manufacturing department.

At this point, information is propagated through two channels: one internal, for production purposes, and one external, allowing the client to access and track the status of their order.


Automation to cut delays.

Completely automated system, to avoid data manipulation errors caused by manual processing.

Visibility and traceability on the client’s side—you will always know exactly where your order is.

Adaptability to different production needs.

Shorter delivery brackets.

Streamlined order tracking.