The fashion, shoes and accessories industry is, without a doubt, one of the fields where RFID technology is enjoying the greatest success.

According to recent studies, the world produces over 15.000 millions pairs of shoes and 10.000 millions articles of clothing, for a capital displacement of over 2.500 billion dollars. These statistics prove this market is a valuable niche for RFID solutions providers.

Decentralization of both production and sales for this kind of product calls for ever increasingly automated mechanisms in order to streamline management control processes.

The prominence of RFID technology in this market is due to the numerous benefits it provides in terms of organization. Fast and automated data capture, reduction of human error to a minimum, cutting of management costs, control of unaccounted losses—these and many other advantages make this technology an almost essential tool for short-term business development.

The market is pushing companies to be ever faster, more efficient and agile, to offer competitive prices and to reduce human errors to a minimum in order to comply with the needs of increasingly demanding clients.

According to ABI RESEARCH, RFID provides a number of benefits that ultimately translate into a significant sales increase.