We at Smartdots are experts in product identification. We adapt to meet our client needs, considering their present systems to suggest the best possible solution. We always implement the best-suited technology for every situation, regardless of our clients’ location.

Our work revolves closely around the specifics of each business. That is how we gathered significant expertise in developing projects based on RFID technology.


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We produce labels of every kind: paper, woven (inner and outer), adhesive, leather, etc.

We offer full-package solutions, in order to guarantee integrity and consistency, and to preserve our clients’ brand image throughout the manufacturing process.

We are constantly striving for innovation by experimenting with new materials and finishes—our aim is to offer you a unique, high-quality final product.

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We offer all UHF labeling solutions, including adhesive labels, hangtags, hardtags, woven labels, composition labels, etc.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) employs electromagnetic fields to transfer information wirelessly, in order to automatically identify and track labels appended to items.


4%-21% increase in sales

Cost reduction

Faster supply restocking

60-80% stockout reduction

Faster, regularly updated inventory

Unaccounted losses control

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IRIS is a Web-based system for order management, tracking and verification, which allows clients to check production status in real time.

A proprietary SMARTDOTS system, it actively adapts to each client’s specific needs.

IRIS features automated data processing capabilities to prevent errors.

It can seamlessly manage a high volume of simultaneous orders, forward them to production in different facilities and cut down on delivery times.

IRIS can operate on batches of different articles, ensuring
labeling consistency, cutting expenses and promoting Just-in-Time production.

IRIS simplifies order search, management and control.